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What To Expect


Catherine will work with you to find a time and location that suits your expectations. Our ordering specialist will also call to schedule you post session ordering appointment. Our staff will then be available to discuss clothing choices and other questions you have via phone or email. We recommend that clothing be simple. No words or logos on clothing. Traditional children's clothing always photographs well. White or bright colors all look great in pictures. The best thing to do is to put thought into how you want to remember your child at their age now. If multiple children will be photographed or an entire family, please wear clothing that compliment each other or are in the same color family. If you wish, Catherine will even shop for you ! Just ask!


If family pictures are being taken, prepare DAD! We find that Dad's are the most difficult to photograph. Commonly, they expect to come and do a typical 15 minute "studio style" photo shoot and be done. Please explain that this is not at all what the session will be like. Our sessions are fun and not high pressure; however, they are much longer than the typical studio session.



Catherine's style of shooting is very relaxed and fun. She will arrive at your home or at the location decided upon at the scheduled time. She requests that your children be dressed with hair done etc . . .before she arrives. Catherine will spend some time getting to know your children. She will spend approximately one hour playing and interacting with your children, while shooting them. For family sessions, we often recommend an activity to base your session around. What does your family enjoy doing together? ( ie . . a picnic in the park, flying kites, a bike ride, going to get cupcakes or ice cream etc . . . ).


Clothing changes are allowed as long as your child tolerates them. Your child will decide how long their session will last. Breaks may be taken for snacks and drinks as necessary.



You should think of portraits as an investment to last many generations. We offer 3 different types of collections - a digital collection, wall collections, and album collections. Most people spend an average of $1500 - $3000 to furnish their homes with one of these collections. We also offer a digital collection for those who want their images to archive for many generations to come. We do have a $500 minimum order with all sessions.


Your 30-40 images will be ready in approximately 2-3 weeks. You will receive an email with the link to your slideshow. Your slideshow will be available to view for 3 days prior to your ordering session. Some sneak preview images will appear on Catherine's blog first, so check there often after your session. At your ordering appointment, our ordering specialist will bring all of our products and have all of your images to help you make your final decisions regarding your order. Please ensure that all decision makers are present at the ordering appointment. Once the main order is placed during your ordering session, an online shopping cart will be loaded for other family members to place orders for 5 days after your appointment. If your family members need additional time, a $50 reupload fee will be required for an additional 5 days. All images that are unordered after 30 days, will be erased.